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Information for Team Members

Welcome to the team! We are all more than happy to have you and your little one(s) to join our big family! Below are some guidelines for all team members. If your question is not here, just drop us a email or DM on Instagram.

Team Benefits | Team Duties | FAQs | Points to Take Note


Team Benefits:

  1. Every term is a period of 3 months.
  2. During this term, you will be given a team discount code entitled to a 30% off on all items (Excluding items from Sale and Football Zoo).
  3. You are required to make a minimum of 1 purchase during this term. (International shipping charges apply.)
  4. Free items may (or may not) be added to your package whenever you make a purchase.
  5. You will have first preview of new arrivals and new brands.
  6. Please keep all first-hand previews and information to yourself. Please do not share any information to anyone outside the team. Team members are special and we want to keep it that way.

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Team Duties:

  1. Please help to repost/shoutout whenever we have an event/sale. Details will be posted in our group DM on Instagram.
  2. Please take photos of your cute little ones wearing and/or playing with all items purchased under the team discount code.
  3. We will prefer that you take well-lit photos and post them on Instagram tagging #chateaubebe and @chateaubebe.
  4. Please try to post at least once every 2 weeks. More is fine.
  5. Please email us the photos that you have taken to
  6. Please take note that we might repost/use your photos on our social media and webstore.

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  1. Do I need to repost if the item that we are required to post is for a girl and my little one is a boy (and vice versa)?
    A: Don't worry. You may choose not to repost but we would be more than happy if you do!
  2. Can I delete the "repost" and when can I delete?
    A: Yes. You may choose to delete these "repost". For products, 3 days minimum. For event, preferably until the event is over.
  3. Can I make a purchase with my discount code for a friend as a gift?
    A: Yes, you may if you are giving it as a gift. However, please do not give the code to your friends for them to make a purchase. You may share your Family & Friends code with them.
  4. What is Family & Friends code?
    A: It is a discount code that you can share with your family, friends and followers. They are entitled to a 15% discount for all purchases (excluding items from Sale and Football Zoo).
  5. Can I have my own Family & Friends code?
    A: Yes of course! Just drop us a message and we will create it for you.
  6. Why have I not receive my order?
    A: If you have place an order and it includes backorder items, we will only dispatch when all items are available. (Please refer to our FAQ page for more information on orders and backorders.)

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Points to take note:

  • During your term, if you feel that you are not able to fulfill the terms stated above, feel free drop us a message.
  • All team members may reapply after their term is over.
  • Please do not be disappointed if you do not get selected the next term as these selections are based on our branding/marketing directions.

Hey! The information above is just a guideline. Nothing is more important than our team members having fun! So please have fun!

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